Keeping track of your daily routines. It automatically tracks your daily activity by registering: the amount of steps you take during the day, but also tracks: walks, running, cycling etc. For exercise it gives basic information like calories burnt, duration and speed. You are also able to add notes to individual workouts. The app also registers your amount of sleep by your screen time. There are also a lot of other functions, but these require manual input. For example you are able to register weight, amount of water and calories consumed, heartbeat and stress levels. By creating your own profile you can keep track of your performances, link up with friends and participate in events. It also provides several fitness programs for physical as well as mental health. Accessories can be linked to the app. 

Price: Free

Rating: 3,5/5 stars (1M+ reviews) 


  • Very easy to use, you can track as much as you personally want.

  • Able to link up with other people, if you want.

  • Provides a lot of different programs to support progress in different lifestyles.

  • You can set challenges for yourself.

  •  Easy to link to other accessories, google account and phone contacts.

  • No annoying notifications, unless you turn them on


  • Automatically tracks some stuff

  • Still requires a lot of manual input for most things

  • Tracking can be a bit inaccurate

  • Only for user with samsung phone 

Personal experience:

I quite like the minimalistic look of the app. The basic overview is nice and easy to understand. This way it is attractive to use and motivates me at least to provide the input it requires. It is also nice that you can manually choose to add programs and set challenges. There is no pushing to achieve in this app. When giving input on your diet it is also easy to choose what you ate, since it already knows some basic nutritional values of food. This means you could click that you ate a croissant, and it would automatically add the calories. Also you can put in meals and their values yourself and it will be remembered for the next time. For most food and drinks you don’t have to look up the calories yourself. Although most functions are included, for the real diehard trackers there probably is not enough information included.

Final verdict:

I would rate this app a 7.5/10 for it is easy to use and visually looks good. I think that for people that just want to casually track their lifestyle it is a perfect app. I would not recommend using the app for tracking your workouts, because I found it to be inaccurate at times.