The app Reflectly makes it possible to reflect on your mood. By using Reflectly, you will truly get to know yourself, which has a big impact on your mood and reduces stress and anxiety. This also helps with building a positive mindset. Every day there is a daily check-in to be filled in. You can get motivational quotes, daily challenges and daily reflections. This information is saved in a clear way along with all your other daily’s from previous days.

Price: €0 [However, by paying €12 you’ll get premium membership]

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★



  • The app is very easy to use because it only takes a couple minutes of your entire day.
  • Due to the notifications, you’re being reminded by the app to fill it in.
  • The lay-out of the app is appealing to the eye. You can customize the app by choosing your own color and theme palette.
  • As often as you like, you can receive motivational quotes throughout the day.
  • Not only can you type your daily mood, you can also choose from smileys to voice memos.



  • Not all features are free.
  • Everytime you open the app, an ad for a premium membership from Reflectly will pop up.
  • If you choose a lot of motivational quotes throughout the day, it’s possible you’ll get repetition of some quotes.


Personal experience:

I have used the app for a few weeks and I have to say: I am very impressed. The app is very easy to use because it only takes a couple minutes of your entire day. The thing I enjoyed the most about the app are the notifications with the motivational quotes. The fact that they just pop up on your screen unexpectedly makes it really fun. By using the app I have become more conscious of my feelings and I learned to take some time for myself once in a while. I plan to keep using the app for a whole lot longer and therefore I definitely recommend you to try Reflectly!