Monitoring daily water intake through growing a plant.


Price: €0 (although for €10 you receive premium features such as a hydration tracking widget and monthly limited edition plants + in-app purchases for personalizing your garden)

Stars: ★★★



  • Extremely easy to use

  • Nice aesthetics, very simple and clean. 

  • Interactive, you’re able to nudge the plants, and see them grow of course! It changes from day to night as well. If you don’t drink, they’ll wither. It’s very similar to a tamagotchi.

  • You set your weight and activity level and the app makes a gross estimation of how much water you need (it uses the metric as well as the imperial system).

  • You’re able to choose your own plants, and as you get further in your hydration ‘journey’, you are able to choose from more and more plants with the ‘nuts’ (I suppose they should represent seeds) you gather along the way. 

  • You are able to ‘share’ your plant via social media. 

  • You get a reward for every cup of water you drink, this reward system is a very nice way of keeping motivated!

  • Reminders help you reach your goal.

  • You’re capable of growing your garden somewhat quicker by watching adds, which reap rewards. With those rewards you’re capable of buying new flower pots and thereby personalizing your garden.

  • It tracks your daily intake over weeks and months.

  • You’re able to adjust the cup volume you consume.

  • If you use iPhone, the app is capable of syncing your data to your iOS ‘Health’ app, which tracks your health behavior as well.

  • Just like a game, you have different levels, which makes the app more fun to use.



  • Although the reward system is nice, in daily life I noticed it did not really create the effect of an ‘actual’ reward. 

  • Lots of incentives to make you want to make in-app purchases.

  • It takes time to adjust to monitoring your water intake because the app is just for that. It really needs to become a habit before you think about updating the amount you drank.

  • The aesthetics may appeal to a certain group of people only, because it’s a bit childish in appearance.


Personal experience:

To me, water intake is important but monitoring through an app seemed kind of challenging to me, because you need to remind yourself not only to drink enough water, but also to update the app. Nevertheless, this simple app really helps with this goal, since it sends reminders and the game-like design and rewards system make it a fun way to track your hydration pattern. The plant is a nice idea, and because it behaves a bit like a real ‘being’, you get attached to it. It responding to your daily intake means you feel responsible for the little plant, and gives you another incentive to keep using the app. Despite all the pros listed above, I found I quite soon got bored with the app. However, I know some people who have used the app for quite a long time and have thus become attached to it and made a habit out of using it – and perhaps their hydration pattern improved because of this as well!