This is an app for doing workouts. There are more than 200 different workouts guided by both auditory and visual guidance. The app contains workouts targeting different muscle groups or workout focusses (condition, power, flexibility or yoga). There are workouts ranging between 5 and 50 minutes and they are included with a warm-up and cool-down. 


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Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



  • There are a lot of different workouts so you can choose the workout that fits the best with your goals and time availability. So you can choose whether you want to do exercises on time or on the amount of repetition, which muscle group you want to target, how long you want to work out and which equipment you have. There are also workouts for which no equipment is needed.
  • The workouts can be done anywhere you want. You can download the workouts, so there is no need to stay home.
  • With this app you can track your progress. It tracks how many workouts you have done and you can plan how many workouts you want to do and on which days of the week. You can also add workouts you have done not using this app.
  • It is possible to follow friends and thereby motivate each other.
  • You can choose how much of a guide you want during the exercise. When you choose it all, there is a complete description on how to perform the exercise and what are important aspects to focus on. This is especially great if you aren’t really familiar with the different exercises. However, when you are familiar, you can also choose to have none of the basic auditory guidance.



  • It is a bit unclear when you have to start an exercise when this exercise is based on time. This isn’t immediately after the prior exercise, but when the next beep is.
  • It is hard to scroll down to see what exercises you have left to do, because if you are not careful it skips some of the exercises. It is possible to go back to finish an earlier exercise, but doing so is a bit hard.


Personal experience:

I have used different workout apps and videos, but this one I really love. Mostly because all of the pros already listed, but personally the most important part is that the visual examples of how to do the exercises are performed right and as they should. So they give you a perfect example of how to perform all the exercises. The auditory guidance also helps by giving points of advice. The auditory guidance also stimulates you to keep going, which really works for me.