Function: MyFitnessPal is an app specifically created to help with weight loss. This app allows its users to track their daily caloric intake with macro- and micro- nutrients. It is also possible to track the amount of calories burned through exercise. It does this very specifically by measuring the difficulty and length of the exercise. 


Price: Free, but premium function costs 49.99 euros yearly, or 9.99 euros monthly.


  • The app allows one to easily track calories
  • It is possible to scan the barcode of foods to obtain their nutrition

  • It can track daily micronutrient intake

  • Similarly, it is also able to track macronutrients

  • Meals can be stored inside the app so that you don’t have to redo the nutrient calculations when eating the same meal

  • Amount of calories burned through exercise can also be tracked

  • Gives a feeling for how much food one has to eat to lose or gain weight



  • Not all functions are free
  • Ads

  • Layouts can change drastically per update

Food tracking devices make it easier to track the calories eaten from food. This makes it easier to assess eating behaviour in the context of losing or gaining weight. Besides calories, it is also important to track macronutrient intake. Daily protein intake is especially important when trying to build muscle. Besides that, it is also important to track daily micronutrients so that one takes enough vitamins and minerals.