Fabulous is a daily routine planner. A priority for having a healthy lifestyle is by creating healthy daily habits. Fabulous is a very helpful app to increase energy levels, become more focused, sleep better and stay fit. The app takes holistic approaches to motivate you to be more productive and have higher energy. It helps you create new rituals and tracks your habits besides being your personal coach and happiness trainer. You are not only able to create daily habits but you can also take part in fun challenges with millions of other Fabulous users.  

Price: €0.00 [However, by paying 2.99 dollars per month you get more features and more coaching]

Stars: ★ ★ ★ 


  • Even though, for some features you have to pay, you can and will also benefit a lot from the free subscription.
  • Makes you more motivated
  • Has fun challenges. For example being more grateful, more mindful, learning how to meditate and so on.
  • It has a guidance function. Beginners are being guided for ‘creating HABITS’, ‘workout plans’, ‘meditation’, ‘yoga’, ‘stretching’ and so on.
  • You can set timers for certain habits, this makes it easy not to procrastinate.
  • You have a habit tracker. If you complete your habits daily, you get a stamp and a little story. Every day after finishing your tasks, you get the sequel of the story. This motivates you to keep going, just for the sake of getting the stamp and hearing and watching the next part of the story


  • Not all functions are free. By paying more, you can get more features, more guidance and tips.  (However, I think there are still enough features left without paying)
  • You get a lot of ads about the ‘premium’ subscription
  • The story keeps me motivated because I am a very curious person. However, it is not the most exciting story and I would understand if people would not find it such a great driving force. 

Personal experience:

I love the fact that this app is so personal. You can create your habits and when you want to perform them with guidance. The app advised starting small.  Don’t try to create a bunch of new habits at the same time, but give yourself a max of three. This makes it easier to follow through and when these new habits are well established into your daily routine you can add more. It also has thought me that creating new habits at least takes 2-3 weeks. After it becomes a routine. Furthermore, getting a daily stamp and story keeps me motivated. I am very competitive, earning the stamp and story helps me to keep going. Besides, the extra challenges are FUN! You can see how many Fabulous-users are doing the challenge, showing that Fabulous is a real community of people trying to improve their lives!