Picking an tracker app that really fits you can be hard with all the apps out there. For this reason we reviewed some apps that we found in the app stores. These apps include activity trackers, food diaries, mood trackers or apps that do all. Below you can click on the one of the apps to read the review. We hope that this is helpful!

MyFitnessPal is specifically used for weight loss. It tracks calorie intake and calories burnt through exercise.

Fabulous is used to plan daily routines. It helps tracking habits and coaches you in creating new ones.

Nike Training Club is an app designed to help with workouts. It provides a lot of workout programs to help exercise.

Plant Nanny is an app that tracks your water intake in a fun way. It shows the growing of a plant as a results of your water intake.

Reflectly is used to monitor and brighten your mood. This is done by daily check-ins. It also tries to improve your mood by giving challenges, reflections and motivational quotes.

Samsung health is an app that is automatically installed on any samsung phone. It can be used to track activites, but also diet. You can also add workout or diet programs on your app to help you achieve your goals.