Intro about ProFit!

Ambassadors of ProFit:

Prof. Dr. Hein Daanen

Hein is specialized in thermal physiology and professor at the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences. His research is focused on the effect of heat and cold on human performance and health and in particular on human adaptation to thermal extremes. Hein is the program director of the master Human Movement Sciences and enjoys moving himself, preferably with a basketball or on a bike. Dreamteam ProFit! fits his interest to apply science to practice and in joint combination with the students and ambassador Hanneke Wijnhoven he finds it a challenge to contribute to an increased health status of campus personnel and staff. For more background info, please visit

Dr. Hanneke Wijnhoven

Hanneke is a health scientist, epidemiologist and assistant professor at the Department of Health Sciences. Her research focuses on the impact of a healthy lifestyle (particularly nutrition, healthy weight, and physical activity) and on healthy ageing. She also studies the role of diversity, such as the differences between men and women. Her ambition is to use her research to contribute to improving people's well-being. She enjoys working with others who pursue the same goal. Together with the motivated and talented students of Dream Team VU ProFit! and ambassador Hein Daanen, she likes to take on the challenge of improving the lifestyle of VU staff and students.

Members of ProFit:

Pieter Braak

Hey everyone! I am Pieter. I have been studying in and around the VU for quite a while now. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Psychology here. Besides my study I have always been an active member for the VSPVU (the study association for Psychology and Child studies), with a board year as a highlight. Currently I am working on my master’s in Clinical Psychology.With ProFit! my ultimate goal would be to eventually not be necessary anymore as a VU dream team. In that situation everyone on the VU would be living a healthy and balanced life. I have already noticed that working with people from different studies is refreshing and helps me broaden my scope on what health is. Things I hope to add to the dream team as it currently is, is using my experience in organizing and using my insights from a psychological view to what healthcare could look like. For example, what comes with behavioral change in human beings.

Katy Dietrich

Hey, I am Katy, 22 years old and currently in my third year BSc in psychology. I am half English and half German, but I came to Amsterdam to start my studies in 2019 and very much like it here. I enjoy doing many things next to my actual studies, such as being an active member in committees of the psychology student association VSPVU, doing charity work in the worldwide organisation of Rotaract and of course being a part of ProFit! In my free time, I love to do sport, no matter which one, going on walks and taking in nature, but of course also being around people I care about and spending as much time with them as possible. I joined ProFit because I myself think people’s health and well-being is the most important thing in life. In my personal life, I am very interested in exercise, nutrition and of course everything included in our mental health, as my choice of studies shows. Therefore, when I heard about ProFit, I immediately wanted to join to be able to actually use the knowledge that I have to help others also becoming aware of their well-being and hopefully be a part of making the entire VU community around me having greater lives (if they don’t already). Moreover, I was very grateful to be part of a lovely team of students that share the same passion as me, getting to know them and working together towards happier surroundings!

Shirley Harders

My name is Shirley, I’m 19 years old and I’m in my second year of my bachelor health sciences at the VU Amsterdam. Since begin this college year, I’m chair of ProFit, one of the dreamteams of the VU. Working with this amazing team and thinking creatively about improving health at the VU really has my interest. I work at Mantelaar in Amsterdam. Here I visit people’s homes and support them in healthcare, housekeeping and I keep them company. Additionally, I am a volunteer at the Red Cross as first aid worker. I follow refresher courses and I can be deployed at events as first aid worker. I am also volunteering at Het Vakantiebureau. I accompany healthcare holidays in the Netherlands to assist in healthcare and activities. In my spare time I like to fitness at the sportcentrum of the VU. I am also eager to learn and I like to gain new knowledge. Furthermore, I enjoy eating with my friends weekly.

Prudence Lindeboom

Hi! I am Prudence. I am 21 years old and currently in my last year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences. Alongside studying I love to dance/Zumba, hang and cook with friends and do yoga or go for a run. So, in general, staying active and healthy. Therefore, when I saw a message about dreamteam ‘ProFit’, I knew instantly that it was my ‘dream’ to work with fellow students on a concrete solution, or at least a step in the right direction, to the social challenge ‘lifestyle’. This project is a great experience to develop skills that will contribute on a personal and professional level. Not only will we gain more insight into the phenomenon lifestyle’, but we can also put our current knowledge into practice to try and make a difference for the VU campus. Within ProFit, I have the position of Vice-President. Furthermore, I am also working on the Instagram page and podcast with my teammates.

Duy Nguyen

I’m Duy (22), and currently doing my MSc in Econometrics and Data Science. In my spare time I practice my hobbies that include powerlifting and table tennis. I am very interested in fitness and health, which was the main reason why I wanted to join ProFit. In my fitness journey I stumbled upon many difficulties when trying to find information with regard to health and fitness. With our ProFit dreamteam we hope to narrow that information scope and provide effective yet easy to understand information that will hopefully help you in your fitness journey.

Arie-Tjerk Razoux Schultz

I’m Arie-Tjerk, 23 years old and in my third and last year of my Bsc Biology. I’m planning to do a masters, although I don’t know which one yet. To relieve stress I usually do sports, as it always seems to improve my mental state. However this obviously works differently for everyone. That’s why I joined ProFit!, because at ProFit! we will work to find different ways for different people to feel better, physically and mentally. Together the members of ProFit! will work to find these methods and bring them to the students and employees of the VU. At ProFit! I manage the facilities and website. Together with Katy and Bea I’m also responsible for communications of the team. Besides my VU activities I mainly play rugby and travel abroad at every opportunity I get.

Heidi Talib

Hello everyone, my name is Heidi (22) and I am in my last year of the bachelor Biomedical Sciences. Next year I want to start with the master MPA: Management Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health & Life Sciences. In my spare time I like to take dance classes and spend time with my family and friends. A healthy lifestyle starts with yourself, but that is easier said than done. Especially during the pandemic, I have noticed that people around me (including myself) have difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health does not only consist of physical factors (exercise, nutrition, sleep) but also psychological factors (social contact, stress, motivation) and I believe it is important that enough attention is paid to both categories. That is the reason why I decided to join ProFit, to promote a healthy lifestyle among the VU students and staff. Within ProFit I am part of team finance, together with Pieter and Duy. The past few months have been great with my fellow members of ProFit and I’m looking forward to the rest of the academic year!

Marije Zeillemaker

My name is Marije, 21 years old and trying to finish up my bachelor Human Movement Sciences this semester. Very surprisingly, I really like moving. Especially swimming, skating, running, soccer and very recently also volley-bal. My other hobbies include listening to podcasts, hanging out with friends or reading a thriller. In my study, I already have learnt about the importance of movement in your health status. I also have learnt a bit about sleep, nutrition and mental health and how they are all four intertwined. But I look forward to extend and share my knowledges through ProFit, where I fulfil the role of secretary together with Sabrina.

Sabrina Zwetsloot

I’m Sabrina and I’m 24 years old. I’m currently in my last year of Medicine and I aspire to be a surgeon one day. I’m very passionate about improving health(care), and one way to do this is offering tailored solutions to improve your sleeping pattern, diet, and fitness. This is the main reason why I wanted to join ProFit. I’m very motivated to create a platform together with my amazing Dreamteam teammates to enhance VU students’ and lecturers’ lifestyle. Within our Dreamteam, I’m joint secretary together with Marije, and I’m responsible for the Instagram page and the podcast. In my free time I play lacrosse, play some tunes on the piano, and love to read - when I’m not hanging out with friends.